1 vanity + 1 good idea = 2 nightstands

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I picked up this rough looking vanity at a yard sale.

The main mirror was missing, the wood looked terrible, and the drawers were full of dead stink-bugs.  But I could see that at one time it had been quite sweet and I wanted to make it nice again. It sat in the basement for a while as I tried to figure out how to save it.

I really didn’t need a vanity but I did need some very skinny nightstands.  And this vanity was absolutely perfect.  I figured I would need to cut the middle part away from the two sides but I was able to simply unscrew all the pieces and was left with two perfect nightstands.

I decided to paint them a deep smoky gray blue color.  I kept the original hardware but gave it a quick spray-paint and glaze treatment.

If  I were the furniture-naming sort, I would name them Ethel and Stella.  They make me think of a pair of little old lady twins who still dress alike and go everywhere together.
I absolutely love them.  Plus they are perfect for our bedroom.  We don’t have a lot of room next to the bed, so I haven’t had a nightstand on my side for the past three years.  Now, thanks to these marvelously skinny little ladies, I have my own nightstand with my own lamp and my own drawers to junk up however I see fit.  Ahh, life’s simple pleasures.

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  1. says

    At first my heart sunk because it was such a beautiful piece…Then now, seeing how gorgeous they turned out, I have to say that I love that you were brave enough to do it! I love how you could have two of these change one to the night stands and have a matching bedroom set! Awesome work!


  2. says

    These look great! I too have an old vanity like this! I have all the mirrors, though they need some work, and NO DRAWERS!!! *frowny face* It’s been sitting in my basement for almost 9 months and I considered splitting them up as well, but unfortunately these won’t unscrew apart. *more frowny faces* I would have to cut them apart… I must find something else to do with it though, it’s such a pretty piece, even if the drawers are missing. xo

  3. says

    I just acquired this same exact vanity. And same perdiciment– the mirror is missing. I had intended to move up the vanity shelf because it is ridiculously low, but I LOVE your transformation!! Now I know what to do! Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I have a set of these, already seperated for me, from my grandmother’s house. I had thought about doing exactly this and now I have even more desire to do this project in her memory!

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