Did someone say yard sale?

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I. Adore. Yard Sales.

I know many of you feel the same way.

I love that you never know what you will find – from a whole lot of mess to something you never knew you always wanted.  Sometimes even something you always knew you always wanted.  I love that you have to work to find that awesome stuff.  Hey, it it was easy everyone would do it – and then there wouldn’t be enough awesome stuff to go around.  I love it when I hear people complaining about yard sales starting too early in the morning for them…because that means less competition.  (I like to think I am a very caring person, but when it comes to yard sales, I can get a little selfish).
Needless to say, I am out yard-saling (still don’t think that’s a word) every Saturday morning.  Plus some Fridays when I’m not working.  Around here yard sales start at 7 or 8 and you can bet I’m there right when the ‘doors’ open.
Sadly, this weekend, I didn’t find much awesomeness at the local yard sales.  So I decided to look through my house and feature some of my very favorite past yard sale finds.
First, there were my $10 lockers as you know.  Of course, most of the globes were also from yard sales.
Then there is this amazing trunk.  It came exactly like this, already painted silver.  It was $40 – a lot for me to pay for something.  But it is pretty amazing.
Check out these beautiful details.
I also really love my two aqua vintage fans.  They still work and they usually stay out on the screened porch to help cool things off.  I paid $15 for both.
I absolutely adore this croquet box.  The patina is amazing.  Inside are just some broken croquet sticks but I don’t care.  This beauty was $1. That is a total steal even for a cheapskate like me.  I got this box last year at the Route 11 yard crawl – a 43 mile yard sale in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.  This year the Yard Crawl is August 13th and I cannot wait!
Finally, this is a recent yard sale find.  This mirror is massive.  It was $15 and right now, it is awaiting a makeover. I know it looks kind of cool in the picture but in real life the finish looks very fake.  Plus it just needs to lighten up a bit.  Can’t wait to transform this beast.

Do you prefer yard sale finds that are perfect as is or the one’s that need a little bit of help?

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    Great finds. I love the fans. I like the yard sale deals that need a little bit of help (because those are the cheap deals) and then I normally don’t fix them up. I’m into chippy looking things anyhow, so if I fix them up too much I ruin the “patina”. OK, so maybe I’m just cheap and lazy – lol!

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