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Here are the twins in action in the bedroom.  Now you can see why I needed verrrryy skinny nightstands in order to have one on each side of the bed.  This is how it looked before:

The headboard is actually hanging on the wall like a picture, so once I got the new nightstands finished, I simply rehung it more in the middle of the wall.
You may be wondering why we have the bed on this tiny wall between the bedroom door and the closet door.  While the room isn’t huge, there are certainly bigger walls.  But this is the absolute perfect place for the bed, despite it’s size.  There is a long screened porch running along the back of our house.  It is completely surrounded by woods – not a house in sight.  The bed in this exact spot, faces the sliding glass doors to the porch.  Which means when we sleep here, we can wake up to a beautiful view of sunshine falling through branches.  (Except when I have to get up at 5:30 for work – there is no sunshine then).
I made the headboard last winter.  It was inspired by this beautiful picture:

Now, I realize that my headboard is nowhere near as beautiful as the inspiration headboard.  But I still like it.  And I did learn a few things while making it that might be useful to someone else, so I thought I would pass along my knowledge.

First, the beauty of this headboard lies in the mix of the fabric.  Because the pieces are not very big, you can use whatever beautiful fabric scraps you have on hand… I, unfortunately, did not really have any beautiful fabric scraps.  Nor did I have a lot of extra money to buy some.  So I improvised.  I bought several pretty skirts at the Goodwill and took apart a few throw pillow covers.  That is how I was able to incorporate some fabrics with beautiful embroidery.

I also found that foam is extremely expensive – especially foam thick enough to do some upholstering.  So I got a king size foam mattress topper and folded it in half.  Nice and cushy.
Now, when I made my headboard, I sewed all the fabric together like a patchwork quilt before upholstering.  It was very difficult to get all of the seams and buttons lined up just right and my headboard did not end up with the beautiful, crisp lines of the inspiration headboard.  If I were to redo this project, I think I would uphoulster individual squares or blocks and then attach them to one another.  That way the squares could be even thicker and the lines between each square would be perfectly crisp, not flat like mine.
Even though my headboard did not turn out quite like the inspiration, I do really like it.  And it is so cozy to snuggle back against it while reading in bed.  But I feel like it needs a little something.  Maybe some wood trim to frame it out?  Or some nailhead trim around the edges?  Any other suggestions?
Since I’ve shown you almost everything in our bedroom including the lockers, nightstands, and bed,  I thought I would also share the last major piece of furniture.  This vanity is the reason I did not need the other vanity that became the nightstands. (Did you follow that?)  Last winter my mom called and told me she saw a bed and dressing table on the side of the road (laying in the snow).  When I went to rescue them, I found this beauty. I have not done a single thing to it, except add a new mirror.  (The bed that was with it is still in the basement awaiting a makeover).
I love it.  And it makes me feel a little sick that someone was going to just throw this gorgeous thing away.  What if I hadn’t come along and saved it – terrible!
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  1. says

    I actually like your headboard better than your inspiration photo :-)
    As a quilter (admittedly, a beginning quilter) I have found that a bit of white in your quilt really makes your colors ‘pop’ ~ perhaps just adding a bright white pillow to the mix would help? although, a simple white frame around it would probably be better…

  2. says

    I absolutely love your headboard. I’m all about mixing fabric patterns and that updated version of the patchwork quilt is fresh and vintage all at once. Great job – I’ve never seen anything like it :)

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