Off the map – a typewriter table

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Lately I have been all about the awesome map projects I have seen all over the Internet.  You can see tons of inspiration on my maps and globes board on Pinterest.  Now I am back with my own awesome map project.  (Awesome in my opinion anyway).  It all started with this little typewriter table I picked up at a yard sale for four bucks.

I knew right away that this was going to be my next map project.  I started off with a little primer and white spray paint.  Then I picked a few maps from my map collection.  I wanted the maps to fit inside each of the three sections on top.  I carefully cut out my map pieces and mod-podged them to the tray.

At this point it looked pretty awesome from a distance but up close it was a bit of a wrinkled mess.  Plus, I knew I wanted the top to be a bit more durable than simply mod-podged paper.  I decided resin would be the perfect solution.  I had never used resin before so after doing some research I picked up some Envirotex pour-on resin at Michael’s.  This was the perfect choice.  My table now has a durable, glossy finish and not a wrinkle in sight.

I’ve heard resin can be very finicky so I followed the directions for mixing the two parts to a T.
A few tips for using this resin:

  • If you are using resin on top of paper, be sure to seal the paper surface first with a few layers of mod-podge or a similar sealer.  Pay special attention to making sure the edges are completely sealed to the surface.  If there are any bubbles or cracks, the resin will leak under the paper and cause discoloration.
  • When you pour the resin onto your project, tiny bubbles will appear everywhere.  The directions say to use a propane torch to easily remove the bubbles.  I don’t have a propane torch and I wasn’t about to buy one.  It does say that you can exhale gently to get the same results.  I read a tip online to blow slowly through a straw which is what I did and it worked perfectly.  DO NOT use a blowdryer. That will not help.  It is not the heat that removes the bubbles, it is the carbon dioxide.
  • If you do use the blow-through-a-straw method, be careful that no tiny drips of spit make it onto the resin.  (Just being real here).  Water droplets will cause bubbles that cannot be blown out.  (This happened to me and I used a foam brush to gently remove the contaminated resin while it was still wet).
  • Make sure to mix enough resin for your project.  You don’t want to run out.  But also, pour very slowly so that you don’t pour on too much.  I overpoured one of the sections and it was a huge pain dealing with the overflow.
  • It really isn’t that hard to do a project like this.  The resin is self-leveling so basically you just mix it and pour it on and it takes care of the rest.

I am so happy with how this project turned out.  It was supposed to be for sale in my booth, but I just might keep it.  This typewriter table  happens to also make the perfect laptop table.

If you love map projects as much as me, be sure to hop over and check out my map mirror too.

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    Carrie, it’s perfect! While I pride myself on having an imagination when it comes to thrifting furniture, that is one piece I would have been puzzled about and walked on by. Great job!

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    Oh my gosh…I have this same table. It’s been sitting in my basement for several weeks waiting for an idea to pop up! This is great! Thanks!!!

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    How awesome! The resin seemed to bring out the bright colors of the map. Great choice! I totally loved your tips, especially the “keeping it real” part! lol! Great job!

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    Wow…you’ve totally transformed that old typewriter stand! It’s gorgeous how you’ve modernized it…that’s totally sellable! Happy Monday!

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    Wonderful! I picked one of these up at the local thrift about a month ago – for $5. It’s just been sitting there waiting for me to find some inspiration. Found!

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    This is totally amazing!!! I am dying to try out resin now…if only I could find a typewriter table. Maybe I will start with a tray first. Thanks for the tips.

    Visiting from Home Stories A to Z

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    Love the little typewriter table. I am into maps right now and am doing some in my teenage son’s room. It is impossible to get them wrinkle free. I’ll have to try to resin!

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    Really love this transformation! I too have a “thing” for maps! Thanks for the tips with Resin, I’ve never used before, but plan to as I expand my DIY’ing.

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    Love typewriter tables. I had one as my very first desk and creative space when I was growing up. I wish I still had it. I love maps too and your resin tips are great.

    I am going to link your post to my DIY Daily page on my site which is where I place projects I love.

    My best- Diane

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    I have this exact same cart! I found it thrifting like five years ago and just haven’t come around to a good solution for it – Until NOW!! Thanks so much for the idea. The metal just looked so “utilitarian- chic”, but I couldn’t bare to get rid of it since the drop down leaves are so clever. I thought I would paint it a fun color or something. Your mod podge is perfect. And the resin just takes it to another level. I’ve heard it is tricky to work with, but I think you have inspired me to give it a go! Thanks!

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    LOVE this! I just bought a typewriter stand for $5 on craigslist. I plan to use it for a tiny crafting station. I hadn’t even thought about using a resin, so I’m so glad I came across your post. Thanks for the extra tips too (especially the spit one – haha!)

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    Carrie, I had to come back and say I’m so proud of you and the fact that I can say “Hey, I know her!” I’ve been seeing your little table circulating. You’re creating a little buzz! Keep up the great blogging!

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    Newest follower, your typewriter table caught my eye. I also have one, so many around, amazing! Yours came out fab! Not sure how I will do the top on mine Thanks for sharing the resin post. Stop by and visit, hope to have you follow!

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    I love your table–I know it was done a while ago, but it’s great. I picked up a similar table for $2.50 and I was looking around for inspiration and came across your post. I love it, and the directions are so clear. Thanks, and I’m your newest follower!

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