Sweet finds at the Yard Crawl

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These came from a huge box of vintage alphabet blocks I picked up.

So earlier this week I showed you some of the strange and unusual things I saw at the Yard Crawl.  Today I can’t wait to show you some of the things that came home with me.  Now I bought a LOT of stuff – mostly for my booth.  So there is no way I am showing it all, but here are some of my favorite purchases.

3 old wooden ladders – might just have to keep one for myself.


I bought a bunch of little tables but these two are my favorite.
Seven of these folding chairs from an old church choir loft came home with me.
Love this huge globe.
These two great finds were actually picked out by my husband.  He did a great job.  An old hitching post and a vintage laundry wringer.
Here is a close up on the hitching post – cracked but full of character.
And the washer – wouldn’t this be awesome hung on the wall in a laundry room?
My first ironstone and my first fiesta ware.
I love this old tool caddy but have no idea what these symbols are – anyone out there know what they might be?

Like I said, this is only a fraction of what I bought.  I also bought a bunch of old soda crates, a big stack of frames, a bag full of old furniture hardware, and lots of other miscellaneous stuff.   Now I have a basement full of awesome junk waiting to be made over.  And I am counting down the days until next year’s Yard Crawl.

What about you – would you have bought this stuff?  And, seriously, any thoughts on those symbols?

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  1. says

    Looks like you found all kinds of good things!! Love the huge globe on the stand and that hitching post is just wonderful… cracked and all!

  2. says

    Was this the Yard Crawl on Rt. 11 through Middletown, VA? I lived in Winchester for 30 years before moving to Roanoke. One of my friends lives along Rt. 11 and posted on Facebook about this.

  3. says

    great finds! Just found ladders like that too, can’t wait to repurpose them! And those symbols on the tool caddy are most likey cattle brands.

  4. says

    I am your newest follower. Love the ladders. I have been looking for one for my booth all summer you lucky girl you got 3. I would love for you visit me at outjunking sometime.

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