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First, I want to say thank you for the great response my favorite little aqua redo has gotten.  I really appreciate all of the kind comments.  I began this blog three months ago, never realizing just how much I would love having a place to share my passion with others who love the same type of things I do.  This blog and each of you have brought me so much joy the past few months.

I’ve had an idea in my head for a little sign the past few weeks and I finally found the time to make it a reality.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how blessed I am – to be born in a country where I have freedom and so many resources.  To have a husband and family who truly care about me.  To have the time and ability to follow my passion of uncovering the beauty in old junk.  To have a great job where I have the chance to make a difference in children’s lives every day.  I wanted to make a sign that would express some of that appreciation and also serve as a reminder not to take those things for granted.

This little Blessed sign turned out just the way I imagined.

I just used a scrap piece of plywood, primed it and then painted the edges white and the rest a custom teal color.  I drew the word freehand and then filled it in with white paint.  The lettering was inspired by the great font Channel.  If looked pretty good at that point:
But I decided to distress it a little so I gave it a light sanding.  I think I like it both ways – clean and distressed.  If I make another to sell in my booth, I might try staining the plywood dark first to give it a rougher, more rugged look.

Anyone else out there feeling blessed today?  Do you like the roughed up look or do you prefer the clean, crisp version?

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    LOVE this sign! You make it seem so easy! :) Somehow I doubt mine would be as pretty, lol. I personally l like the roughed up version best. Gives it the perfect vintage charm!

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    Even though I have my share of troubles and stresses in my life (and who doesn’t?), I can also find the blessings….let’s see, right now that would be the cool autumn air coming in through my living room window, the sunshine dappling through my house, my cats running and chasing each other, the smell of breakfast sausages cooking on the stove, clean laundry, and curling up with the Sunday newspaper. As for your Blessings sign, I like the roughed-up look.

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    whata beautiful sign! This is soooo cute I love it and so creative thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for linking this up to our party show and share on Wednesdays. We would love for you to come back this week and link up your latest project

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