Fresh finds: Can you hear me now?

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Sad news – yard sales were not plentiful and bountiful for me this weekend.  I did pick up some stuff, but a lot of it was useful-but-not-terribly-exciting stuff like a huge box of sandpaper and picture frame hangers and glue sticks.  I did come home with a huge stack of vintage suitcases for ten bucks.  I am especially into the flowered ones for some reason.

I also picked up this cute little table – lots of potential here.

The only super-duper exciting thing I came away with was this old phonograph piece.  I almost passed on this because I had absolutely no idea what to do with it even though it is pretty cool.  But then the guy running the sale said he would let me have it for fifty cents.  And I sure couldn’t pass that up.

I am still not sure what to do with it.  The seller suggested hanging it from the ceiling and putting flowers in it.  Kind of a cool idea but not really me.  I thought it might could work as some sort of lamp/light fixture.  The hubs was enjoying using it as a megaphone around the house so I joined in on that action.  Perfect for telling him what to do, heehee.

But then I found this Ipad docking station idea via Pinterest and this idea is definitely in the lead currently.

As you can see, mine is not quite so pretty as the inspiration pic. I am considering painting it a glossy white.  I usually don’t paint stuff like this but this thing isn’t in the best shape.  Would that be a totally heinous thing to do?

Would you have bought this huge thing?  Any other thoughts on what to do with it?  I would love some more ideas.

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    I have to say that the little yellow and the little light blue cases are my favorite! I love vintage suitcases. I use them when ever I have a women’s retreat with my girl friends, they all think its the cutest thing!

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