Fresh Finds and a Color Quandary

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This weekend I only made it to a few yard sales before my husband and I hit the road for a day trip to Lewisburg, WV. My biggest find of the day was this rusty metal cart. It is in rough shape but it was just two bucks and I am loving the industrial vibe.

At a little junk store in West Virginia, I picked up this old barn pulley. This is in pretty rustic shape too, but I was drawn to it for some reason. I am thinking it could be incorporated into a cool light fixture or sconce.

I picked up this little nightstand at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. I really like the cute shape and the chunky little legs.
I knew right away I wanted to paint it a bright color.  But I am having a hard time deciding which color.  I initially pictured it in a fabulous raspberry/hot pink. I know it would look stunning – but, this is going to be for sale and I am afraid that color may be too risky for buyers.  I also think it would look awesome in a bold teal – but I paint almost everything blue, so that seems too safe.  Which brings me to yellow.  I love yellow but haven’t done a single yellow piece yet.  I am thinking it may be a good compromise – bright and cheerful but not too out there.
Which color would you go with (knowing it will be for sale)?  What about my industrial finds?  Do you see anything lovely in the cart and pulley or just a lot of rust?
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  1. says

    The color I run to is red. I guess my red is your blue!
    Your finds are wonderful… your cart & I like your idea for a light with that pulley! Enjoying your sight… Blessings!

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    I think the cart and pulley are wonderful! I love vintage things that are shabby. Just yesterday I bought Avery old painting…it had lots of age on it and even a few small holes, but I think it’s beautiful.

    If I were you I’d paint the nightstand either pink or yellow. My thinking is: pink is what you’re drawn to and would want to do–even if it’s for resale, I think it’s a good idea to have things be as you like them. Or I could see going with yellow, as you haven’t gone that route yet.

    Great finds!

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