A little eye candy: Ornament Edition

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As of now our Christmas tree is up and is sitting naked in the corner.  I love decorating for Christmas but I do not want it to be something I stress about.  When I have time to put on an awesome Christmas movie (The Holiday?, Elf?, The Grinch?) and take my sweet time, I’ll break out the rest of the decorations.

But in the meantime, I have been finding some amazing Christmas inspiration on Pinterest.  And since I am sitting here gazing at my Christmas tree in all it’s naked glory – I figured a little ornament inspiration was in order.  First up are my favorite DIY tree adornments.

Fill clear glass balls with tiny trees, branches, or peacock feathers.
 Country Living

I am also lucky enough to have a great collection of vintage pink and aqua Shiny Brite ornaments so I am always looking for creative ways to display them.  I found plenty of inspiration for that as well.

Better Homes and Gardens

Anyone have any great tree decorating or ornament inspiration to share?  I’m pretty sure my tree is going to get some major love this weekend and I always love to see new ideas.

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