My Most Favorite Christmas Tradition

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Or as an alternate title: I’m The Luckiest Girl in The World.

I love Christmas traditions.  Many of our traditions are pretty standard but we have a few that are very special to me.  I shared a few weeks ago that my husband Mitch’s grandmother began a tradition of giving him a nutcracker every year.  It is a tradition that I have continued following her death.  A few years ago, Mitch decided that I needed a traditional gift each Christmas too. We talked about ornaments and snow globes and other things, but in the end, he came up with something a little more original.  Mitch decided he wanted to make me a gift each year, something that was significant to our lives that year.

Now I need to stop here and say that Mitch has never really been a handy person.  He is loving and smart and hilarious and many other wonderful things but he is not a DIY guy.  He has never known how to make things and he has never had any desire to make things.  But he knew that I love handmade things so he decided to take on the challenge of making me something each year.
The first handmade gift was at the end of a sad year for us when we lost someone special. So he made me this mosaic.

The second year, we were lucky enough to take an epic roadtrip across the country so he made me a gift to document that.

This year he has been hard at work for days, walking around with a gleeful little smile.  Just recently he has become interested in learning to redo furniture and we have worked on a few projects together.  In honor of the start of Lovely Etc. he redid this little industrial typewriter stand for me.

It turned out really beautifully – he may just turn into a handy hubby after all.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas as well.  Anyone else have other special traditions or gifts to share?

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    What a sweet tradition your husband has started for you! I think he’s done great all three years. The first two are very meaningful gifts, and I’m sure you’ll use the table for years to come.

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