No More Boring Barstools

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About a month ago, my favorite person (my husband Mitch) did a guest post for me here at Lovely Etc. He has been getting into painting and staining furniture lately and has finished some really cool projects that I want him to share with you all. I liked his last post so much, I figured I’d have him share a project here once a month. Without further ado, here’s Mitch.

white and stain stools

Not so long ago Carrie got three stools from a friend who didn’t really need them. They were the right height to sit under the counter/bar area in our kitchen. But, of course, they were ugly.  Think cheap blonde seat and boring hunter green legs. Carrie told me she was going to paint the legs white and stain the seat with a dark stain. Since I am writing this post and not her, I think you all can figure out who did the work.

striped barstools

Carrie did paint the legs white and I think our friend tried sanding before he gave us the stools, but when I took over I had to sand a lot. I liked Carrie’s idea and figured that I would stick to it. So I went to work sanding, which turns out to be less and less fun the more you do it. I couldn’t help but think it needed something else, though.

painted and stained stools

After I got all the cheap stain off the stool seat I had an epiphany. You can’t just stain it. No, your butt really wants a fun runway to park on. And to think I almost neglected this. With a clear vision in my head and hope in my eyes I taped off the, ahem, runways and painted them Carrie’s favorite color: turquoise.

stool seats

I distressed these bad boys, threw a dark stain on, sealed them and called them done. They are now proudly standing ready to catch backsides and the stuff we stack on them in our kitchen. I hope you guys or more likely gals like the stools.

I think he did such a great job.  And you know I love anything turquoise.
Hope everyone has a great week and a terrific Valentine’s Day.

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  1. says

    Ah-haaa…love the stripes! I JUST painted the base of a couple of stools today. I was trying to decide what to put on the seats…numbers, words…but I just wasn’t “feeling it”. Now this I am loving! Hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea? I will definitely give you all the credit :) Laurel

  2. says

    These look so good! I love the variation of the stripes! I see these all the time on craigslist – I may have to buy some and play with them! Yours look great!

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