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In case you haven’t realized it by now, DIY is not for the weak-willed. Inevitably, something goes wrong on even the simplest project.

This week I started ripping up the stinky carpet in our family room so we could get ready to install hardwood floors.  I already knew that under the carpet was a nice plywood subfloor.  I knew this because I had lifted up a tiny corner and saw the plywood and because that was what was under the carpet in the adjoining rooms.  I was so happy to pull back that disgusting carpet and carpet padding to see….more carpet.  What the?



And not just any carpet – puke green indoor-outdoor type carpet.  Okay, well that was a surprise, but pulling up more carpet is not the end of the world.  But here is the kicker – I quickly discovered that this carpet was glued tight to the floor – the nice clean plywood I was looking for.


Apparently, in the seventies it was somewhat common to glue this horrible, horrible rubber backed carpet down.  And this carpet would be very happy to stay glued there forever.

So I rolled the carpet and the padding and the carpet back down and forgot all about hardwood floors.
Ok, not really.  I sighed and moaned about it and then set about figuring out how to get the horrid stuff up.  Because that is the thing about DIY, whether you are renovating an entire house or simply painting an old piece of furniture.  Things never go quite as planned.  Something always goes wrong.  But you can’t let that stop you,at least not if you want to end up with something incredible.

greatest yard sale

And in other, totally unrelated news.  I am having another Huge Hoard-Busting Yard Sale this Friday and Saturday.  If you live locally (Roanoke, VA), you just might want to stop by.  I have lots of great vintage furniture that just needs a little love as well as the usual yard sale assortment.  Seriously, this year I am letting go of the things that were just too awesome to sell last time.  If I am not using it by now, I have come to accept it just isn’t going to happen.  The basement hoard is getting decimated this time around.  Email me if you want more info.

Have a memory-making week!


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