Bulletin Board Makeover with Duck Tape®

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.
It is back to school time people!
For me back to school means something totally different than for most of you.  Some of you may know that I am a school counselor at an elementary school.  So instead of my children heading back to school leaving me home in peace, I am heading back to school. (And having to leave my sweet baby at the babysitter. Sob).
 Back to school time means I have to face up to my dirty little secret.  You would probably be shocked if you saw my counseling office.  It is tiny and, if I am perfectly honest, ugly.  Even though this will be my fourth year in that office, I really haven’t done a single thing to cuten it up.  I pretty much just gave up on it from the beginning.  As I said, it is small.  With an industrial tile floor and white cinder block walls.  And a huge black intercom system which can’t be moved   and a bunch of mismatched bookshelves that look like they were rescued from the trash.  And I am not allowed to paint anything – or tape anything on the wall.  So, yeah, I gave up.  Everything is very neatly organized – but still ugly.
I am pretty ashamed about it.  It is completely unlike me.  And doesn’t make for the most inviting space for the children.  And that is the reason I am putting my whining aside and doing what I can with what I’ve got.  (I mean really, isn’t that my motto anyway?)
I still have all the ugliness, but I am working around it.  Good news: I was able to trade an ugly brown bookcase for a white one someone else didn’t want.  Bad news: the bookcase was put together backwards so the backing is plain brown cardboard.  But that is nothing a little shelf liner can’t fix.  I brought in a rug I wasn’t using at home.  I am working on some cute inspirational art.  And I did a cute little bulletin board redo.
bulletin board makeover 2
It was easy and super inexpensive.  Which puts a smile on my face.
I had quite the ugly bulletin board hanging over my desk.  You may have a similar one in your homework area at home. (And if not, you can find them at thrift stores or yard sales sometimes for less than five bucks)
A few weeks ago I picked up a roll of super cute wrapping paper for a dollar. It was just too cute to pass up.  I covered the bulletin board with the wrapping paper.  Just cut it to fit and then staple it around the edges a few times.
Then I picked up some cute Duck Tape® at Walmart to cover the frame.  I was pretty impressed with the selection they had.  Plus it was super convenient to buy Duck Tape at Walmart when I was doing my other back to school shopping.  Duck Tape® is sporting some super cute patterns these days but I decided to go with solid turquoise for this project.
No instructions really needed for this part.  Wrap the Duck Tape® around the frame, folding all of the extra over to be hidden behind.  The color is gorgeous and I know the Duck Tape® can handle the wear and tear it is inevitably going to take in a large elementary school.  (To see lots of other great back to school ideas, you can always follow @TheDuckBrand.)
I am pretty excited about how this simple makeover turned out.  I know it looks a little loud right now but it will soon be covered with lots of boring papers which will give the perfect balance.  And I am so excited to have finished a project so quickly.  (As in like five minutes).  All my projects lately have been dragging on for months and it is nice to actually see a finished product for once!
What do you think – major improvement right?  Sharing this simple redo at the Inspiration Gallery and Link Party Palooza.
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