Fresh find: roadside lamp

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I love to find great stuff for my home for cheap.  But what I love even more is to find it for free.  I haven’t had any fresh finds to share for awhile because I have been working hard to resist the temptation to buy great stuff just because it is cheap.  But this lamp managed to make the cut.  (Plus, did I mention free?)

A few weeks ago, I was visiting Hannah, one of my college roommates, in Tennessee.  On our way to Krav Maga (an awesome martial arts fitness class), we spotted a trash pile on the side of the road – with this great lamp poking out.


Now, it may not be the most beautiful lamp you’ve ever seen.  The lampshade is stained and the whole thing looks a little dated.  But the details are really beautiful and with a few changes, this lamp will be runway worthy in no time.  Just to see how much a more updated lampshade would change things, I popped this guy on from one of the lamps in our living room.

roadside lamp

So much better already – though it could definitely use a little more pizazz.

Now the big question – to paint the lamp or leave it the original metal finish?  What would you do?

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  1. Anonymous says

    How about highlighting the details with something like rub n buff metallic finishes? It should brighten it considerably while still respecting its age.


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