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Before I ever became a blog writer, I was a blog reader…and I still am today.  I kind of feel like I would be a total hypocrite if I expected other people to read my blog but didn’t read any blogs myself.  I am a huge fan of learning from others and some of the most original, inspiring ideas I have ever seen have been on blogs.

Because I love blogs so much, I have been on the hunt recently for some new awesome reads.  There are new blogs popping up out there everyday and some of them are so amazing I just had to share them with you.  Some are well known and some are not, but all inspire me.

My favorite blogs pretty much all fall into two categories DIY/Home blogs and Other blogs.  (I used to only read DIY blogs but then I realized I was really missing out on some great stuff that way.  So I went in search of some other great reading).  Today I am going to share my most favorite non-decorating blogs – because, hey, it turns out there just may be more to life than decorating.


For tips on saving money …and delicious recipes – Living Well Spending Less

This is a new read for me.  I discovered Living Well Spending Less because I love the 31 days series Ruth has been doing this month with Living with Grace.  All of the topics have been about less – everything from less comparison to less holiday overkill.  A lot of them have resonated with me.  Now that the series is wrapping up, I’m looking forward to see what the rest of the blog is like.  (In all fairness, there are some DIY projects here but that is only a tiny part of the content).


click it up

For great photography tips…that aren’t overly complicated – Click it Up a Notch

I am very much an amateur photographer – and even that feels like overstating it.  I have tried to read some other photography blogs but they were way too advanced and technical for me.  Click it Up a Notch is great because Courtney does talk about how to shoot in manual mode and composition and other fancy stuff.  But she makes it easy to understand for the beginner as well as the more advanced photographer.



Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

For saving the world…with a sense of humor – Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary

Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary is a hilarious blog that talks about ways to serve God globally.  Jamie manages to give a (mostly) unbiased view of what is both right and wrong with the world of missions today, all while entertaining with her cutting wit.  This is not where you are going to find “Sunday School” proper answers – it is real and authentic and all about seeking God.



For laughing your butt off…and pondering the serious stuff – Jen Hatmaker

Again, this blog is both hilarious and deep.  Who knew such things existed?  Jen Hatmaker explores parenthood and modern Christianity without holding anything back.  She is totally real and totally relatable.  And she cracks me up!  Plus, bonus, she and her family are getting their own show on HGTV next year – and not because she is into home design.  She is just that likeable.


hot holy humorous

For heating up your marriage…but in a pure way – Hot, Holy, and Humorous

Did you know there are Christian blogs about sex?  (I know – shocking considering there are some Christians who act as if they have never even heard of sex).  There are actually several Christian blogs out there about sex in marriage, but Hot, Holy & Humorous is my favorite.  I love that the author, J, doesn’t shy away from the steamy stuff but she also never verges anywhere near raunchy or perverse stuff.  Everything is about celebrating intimacy in marriage without being boring.



For all things baby…from start to finish – Hellobee

Hellobee is the perfect place to find the answers to your parenting questions as well as connect with other moms (and dads).  There are lots of blog posts by several contributing bloggers on everything from trying to conceive to pregnancy to infancy through preschool.  And there is an amazing forum where you can get answers to all of your questions from tons of other moms who have been there.  Because let’s face it, mom really does know best.  (Usually).


I will share my favorite DIY blogs sometime soon – there are some great ones I just discovered so I want to scope them out a little more before sharing them with you guys.

What are your favorite blogs?  I am always looking for new reads!  Do you read any of the same ones as me?

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