A killer rug at a killer price

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Over the past few years I have learned a lot about decorating a home without spending a lot of money.  I already knew yard sales and thrift stores were the place to shop, but I had to learn not to buy every awesome deal I came across.  I already knew vintage furniture was higher quality but I had to learn how to make it look beautiful again.  And I already knew how to buy stuff cheap, but I had to learn that there are some things it is okay to spend a little more money on.

rug from joss and main

Meet my new beautiful rug, Madeline.  (No really, that is its name – Madeline Blue Cascade rug).  I LOVE this rug.  It is exactly what our family room needed now that our hardwood floors are finally in.  And it is perfect in every way.  It is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, the colors are gorgeous, and the pattern is perfect for camouflaging any little drips and spills that may come about.  And it is super soft for our little guy to roll around on.

Was it crazy expensive?  Actually, no. But it was $300, which is pretty expensive for me.  If you know me at all, you know I am extremely frugal (or cheap if you prefer).  Half of the furniture in my home was free and the rest generally cost $50 or less.  So for me, $300 for one piece of furniture is a major splurge.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two items in a home that may just be worth splurging on: sofas and rugs.  They both make a huge impact in your home and are generally hard to find used.

I was actually lucky enough to find our living room sofa at the goodwill for $60.  But after a few years of serious yard sale stalking, I gave up on finding a great rug used.  I think there has to be some sort of magical fairy dust involved for that kind of yard sale luck to happen.

Madeline blue cascade rug

This may just be the next best thing though.  I found this beauty on Joss & Main, which is a flash sale site that sells fabulous discounted furniture and other home décor.  My gorgeous rug was more than half off the regular price of $679.

Funny thing is I originally saw this rug on zulily.com, which is another flash sale site that focuses on deals for moms, kids, and the home.  At the time I didn’t have the cash to buy it, but I knew it was the rug I had to have.  I saved up some cash and a couple of months later it showed up on Joss and Main.  Which is a great example of why you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy from deal sites before you’re ready because the deals will likely come up again. (By the way, this post does contain affiliate links – if you buy something using these links it will not cost you anything extra, but it will help me out.)


Turquoise and green rug

Between the new floors and the new rug, our family room is completely transformed.  Even though it is where we spend 90% of our time at home, it sadly used to be one of my least favorite rooms in our whole house – which is why it’s never really made an appearance on Lovely Etc. But now, even though there are tons of projects I would still like to tackle in there, between the newly rejuvenated couch and the floors things are definitely looking up.

So what is your big splurge in your home?  A rug, a sofa, or something else?  And has anyone been lucky enough to find a fabulous rug used?  Any other tips for finding great deals on rugs?

I am linking this deal to the Thrifty Thursday Link Party.

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    • Carrie says

      Thanks – I love the runner in your entryway. (So much that I can actually remember it as one of the first things I noticed at your blog!) This is the first ‘real’ rug I have every bought. At least the only one over $75; but I love it. Now I can’t wait until I can save up and find a great deal on some for other rooms!

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