I know I’m not the only one who struggles with wanting a beautiful home I love, but not wanting to spend a ton of money to make it happen. So I learned to get creative and do it without spending ANY money at all! Here are my top 10 tips.


Decluttering isn’t the most fun decorating advice, but it is helpful. If there are things that are meant to be decorative that you don’t actually like anymore, get rid of them. Sometimes it is better to have more clean, open space and less stuff that is really just bringing the room down.


Once you’ve decluttered, take a look at what you have left to work with. Start with the largest piece of furniture in the room – the couch, the table, the bed, etc. Try it in all of the possible spots it could go. Once in place, start moving everything else around it.

3. SWITCH THINGS UP BETWEEN ROOMS Along those same lines, get creative and try bringing in a few things from other parts of your home. Sometimes all you need is to switch a few things up between rooms. Try switching out the sofas or coffee tables if you have a living room and family room. Switch up the dressers between two different bedrooms. Or move some bookcases from a bedroom to a den.

4. GIVE FURNITURE YOU ALREADY OWN A NEW PURPOSE An old dresser can make a gorgeous buffet for a dining room or TV stand for a family room. You can cut down the legs of a small dining table you no longer need to make a cute coffee table. Or turn an old door, tabletop, or even an old gate into a rustic headboard.

5. USE FREE PRINTABLE ART There are so many gorgeous free printables available now that make amazing art for your home.  Just print them at home and pop them in a frame. Or you can print them at Staples or your local copy center as an engineering print. Black and white engineering prints up to 24″ x 36″ cost less than $4.

6. PRINT FAMILY PHOTOS TO FRAME One of my favorite tricks is to print family photos at home and pop them in frames. When using a frame that needs a mat, simply cut a piece of poster board to the correct size, layer the photo on top, and tape the photo in place with clear tape. Once it is in the frame, behind glass, you can’t tell at all!

7. FRAME SENTIMENTAL ITEMS AS ART I am a huge fan of filling our home with things that are truly special to us. And it’s even better when I can put those things out front and center instead of hiding them away in boxes. Instead of framing photos and art, frame something with meaning – love letters, handwritten recipes, old baby clothes, dried bouquets, tickets.

8. DECORATE WITH NATURE There are often many beautiful things right outside our doors that can give our homes character.  Just gather whatever is readily available: flowers, seashells, branches, acorns, pinecones, river rocks. Then add them to pretty jars and bowls around the house.

9. USE A BLANKET TO COVER AN OLD COUCH OR CHAIR New sofas are expensive. One easy solution when you can’t replace your old sofa is to simply cover it up. You can use a spare blanket, a tablecloth, or I’ve even used a spare set of curtains to cover an ugly sofa.

10. MAKE NEW PILLOW COVERS New pillow covers are one of the easiest ways to make a big statement with just a small change. You can make pillow covers from fabric scraps, placemats, sheets. If you would rather forego the sewing altogether, you can also make a pretty great pillow cover using no-sew hem tape.

11. BONUS TIP! SELL WHAT YOU DON’T LOVE Sometimes there may be things you really need (or want) for your space that are going to cost money and there is just no way around it. An easy way to earn a bit of extra cash to fix up the space is to sell some of the things already in the room that you no longer want or need.

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