Putting ribbon on the tree is definitely the trickiest part of decorating a Christmas tree. But, I've figured out the easiest way and today I'm sharing it with you...


Wired ribbon that is between 2 and 4 inches works best, but you can use narrower or wider ribbon if you prefer.


For a typical 7.5 foot tree, I usually buy two 25 foot rolls of each type of ribbon I want. With this method you may even have some left over!

HOW TO PUT RIBBON ON A CHRISTMAS TREE The first step is to fluff the Christmas tree branches. They tend to get flattened and moved around in the box. This makes a huge difference in how your finished tree looks.

CUT YOUR RIBBON INTO STRIPS This is the most important tip for adding ribbon. Cutting your ribbon into strips before putting it on the tree makes the process much easier. Plus you will save on how much ribbon you use! Cut a few strips at a time.

PUT THE RIBBON ON THE TREE Start by tucking one end of your ribbon strip into the tree; if you are using wired ribbon, it should stay in place. Then you can shape your ribbon. There are 2 main shapes I use; the double tuck and the curl. They are both lovely!

CONTINUE ADDING RIBBON As you add ribbon to the tree, it's best to let the ribbon do what it wants. Don’t try to force it, just let it fall naturally and then tuck it into the tree where it makes sense. The less you force it the better it will look!

ADDING RIBBON DIAGONALLY It looks best if you drape your ribbon diagonally across your tree rather than side to side or straight up and down. All the diagonal lines will look beautiful and help keep the eye moving over the Christmas tree.

ADD YOUR SECOND RIBBON If you are using two types of ribbon, you can add the second ribbon the same way. Try to place the ribbon strips so that when you step back, it looks like it could be one long continuous piece of ribbon woven through the tree.

ADDING RIBBON VERTICALLY While I prefer to add my ribbon diagonally, some people prefer their ribbon to run down the tree  vertically. Use the same method including using strips and doing the double tuck or the curl.

TIPS FOR PUTTING RIBBON ON MINI CHRISTMAS TREES For mini Christmas trees, the method is really the same with a few small changes. Cut your strips of ribbon a bit smaller; as small as 12 inches. You may be able to use thinner ribbon if your tree is small. Also, go less diagonally because there isn’t as much area to work with.

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