Painting rocking chairs can be difficult, especially getting in between the slats. So I put together a quick tutorial showing you the easiest way possible to paint a rocking chair. Here are some tips...



Wooden rocking chair Paint scraper  Wire brush Sandpaper and Sander Spray primer Spray paint Dropcloth 

HOW TO PAINT A ROCKING CHAIR PROTECT YOUR WORK AREA AND YOURSELF Lay out a drop cloth beneath your rocking chairs. Since we are going to be spray painting, you want to make sure your drop cloth covers a pretty large area around your rocking chair to catch any overspray.

REMOVE ANY OLD, CHIPPING PAINT You want to make sure to remove any loose bits of paint and then sand smooth uneven areas. Start by using a paint scraper to scrape off the loose paint. Follow the scraper with a wire brush to remove smaller flakes of loose paint.

SAND EVERYTHING SMOOTH Sand the remaining paint smooth. If you have a small sander, this goes much, much faster. But if not, you can also do it by hand. Start with 100 grit sandpaper to remove the roughest areas. Then follow with 150 grit and then 220 grit sandpaper.

CLEAN YOUR CHAIR It’s important to always clean your furniture before painting. Even if you didn’t scrape or sand your chairs, you want to make sure to remove any dust, dirt, or grease because paint doesn’t stick well to any of those.

PRIME WITH SPRAY PRIMER If you are painting over unpainted wood, painting a chair that previously had chipping paint or if you are unsure what type of paint your chair was previously painted with, primer is a good idea.

PAINT WITH SPRAY PAINT TIPS FOR PERFECT SPRAY PAINTING Always read the instructions before you begin - each type of spray paint has specific instructions. Shake your paint well - you should shake your can of spray paint really well for at least a minute. This will help mix everything well so the paint comes out evenly.

Keep the spray paint can moving It’s really important to keep the spray paint can moving and not pause too long in one spot. Holding the spray paint in one spot can cause a build up of paint along with drips. Slowly move the paint across your furniture piece slightly overlapping each ‘stripe’ of paint you add.

Use several thin coats of paint. Start with a thin coat of paint. This first coat will look very uneven with lots of areas where the paint doesn’t cover much. Building up several thin coats like that will give you a beautiful finish in the end

Don’t hold the spray paint too close. Remember not to hold the spray paint can too close to the piece you are painting. Your spray paint will have specific instructions for how far away to hold it, but in general 6-12 inches is a good distance.

Don’t forget to paint underneath. Make sure you evenly cover all the different sides of your chair with paint, including underneath. Move your chairs as you paint, painting each slat and rung from all sides. Once the first coat of paint is dry to the touch, you can flip the chairs over and paint the underneath. Flip them back over for a second coat.

PAINTED ROCKING CHAIRS I love how they turned out and only wish I had given them a fresh coat of paint sooner!

Get the full step-by-step tutorial here.

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