I believe paint is magical stuff. Paint is such a quick and easy way to transform pretty much anything: even fabric! Get inspired by some of my favorite painted fabric DIY projects and learn about the best paint to use.


When you are painting fabric, using the right paint is crucial for the best results. There are several good options for fabric paint, each with their own pros and cons.


Acrylic craft paints and fabric medium are available at any craft store and you can get acrylic craft paints in pretty much any color you could imagine. You simply mix together your paint, fabric medium, and water.

FABRIC PAINT You can also buy paint specifically for fabric. It is basically like buying paint with the fabric medium already added. I have used fabric paint several times. It gives a nice soft finish. The downside to fabric paint is that it is available in a very limited range of colors and is usually more expensive.

CHALK PAINT Most chalk paints are also great for painting fabric. You may need to mix in a little water first to thin the paint. Chalk paints tend to absorb into fabric fibers well, but it can be a bit unpredictable with results.

FABRIC DYE You can also use fabric dye to “paint” fabric. I particularly like to use simple tie dye sets and have used them several times for various projects. They give a great, soft, washable finish, but like chalk paint, dye can be a bit unpredictable.

FABRIC MARKERS Fabric markers are another option if you want a hand-lettered or doodled design for your fabric.  These could also work well for stenciling. Fabric markers are easy to use and easy to control for smaller designs, but run out too quickly for large projects.

FAVORITE PAINTED FABRIC PROJECTS As promised, here are my favorites of all of my painted fabric projects. Just click the learn more button below and the link for the project you want to see. You will find a step-by-step tutorial, lots of photos, and tips of what to do and what not to do. Enjoy!

WORLD MAP DUVET COVER Turn a plain white duvet cover into a gorgeous one-of-a-kind duvet cover using paint. This world map duvet cover is surprisingly soft and washes well.

HOW TO STENCIL FABRIC Learn how to stencil on fabric with perfect, crisp stencil lines plus how to make your own freezer paper stencils to create custom shirts, pillow covers, and more.

HOW TO PAINT OUTDOOR FABRIC Learn how to update your outdoor furniture cushions using paint. Including an honest assessment of the results.

BLUE OMBRE CURTAINS Turn plain white IKEA curtains into gorgeous designer ombre curtains.

HAPPY PILLOWS Create fabulous pillows using fabric scraps, alphabet stamps, and paint. These pillows are fast and easy to make.

DIY UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARD This one-of-a-kind DIY upholstered headboard is simple to create with a hand-lettered design and fabric markers.

See even more of my favorite painted fabric projects here. 

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