5 Ways to Transform Little Kid Chairs

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So, little kid chairs: the obsession continues.

5 ways to transform a child's chair

Long, long ago I shared that I have something of an obsession with little kid chairs.  There is just something about them that calls to me.  Two years ago I shared a scary picture of my hoard of little kid chairs in the basement.


And lest you think this obsession is at all practical, let me clear that right up by pointing out I was hoarding pint-size seats two years before I had a little one of my own.

A few of these were sold in my hoard-busting yard sale but most went on to be given new life.  Wee chairs seriously capture my imagination and I love to think up new ways to transform them into the cute little fun bits of furniture they were meant to be.  Here are some of favorite ways to transform them.

1. Add a cute graphic.

pink chair 1

2. Paint a mismatched set in fun bright colors.

colorful mismatched kid chairs

3. Make it into a smaller version of your favorite grown up chair.

little blue chair

4. Make it fun with a little text.

midcentury kids chair with birds

5. Leave the original finish.  Just seal it well with a spray sealer to keep the rest of that chippy paint attached.  Especially around little ones.

chippy vintage children's chair

So, confession time.  Even though I only have one little person at my house, I still have seven little chairs hanging around.  (I did sell all of the ones pictured above except the last one).  Which leads to the big question of why in the world do I STILL have seven little chairs for one little person?  Even though I claim to have stopped my hoarding ways?

Well, four of the chairs are designated to be painted to go with a little table (which is yet to be found).  Two are outdoor chairs which will be simply precious on my screened porch next summer.  And then there is the chippy little white darling pictured above which is just too perfect in my home to give up.

Chippy chair on the porch

Not to mention, little seats make the best photo props.  I absolutely drool over this antique gem of my friend Hannah’s.  (Plus, seriously, how cute is G?)

Victorian child's chair

Anyone else as obsessed as me?  What do you do with your little chairs?  I am sharing these wee seats at the Inspiration Gallery and Furniture Feature Friday.

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  1. Jan Elizabeth says

    I am very much enjoying your tiny chair obsession :) I also love them, they’re pretty irresistible! I never thought about them as small makeover projects, hmmm…. :D

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