I loved how our antique vanity turned out. It looked beautiful and functioned perfectly. But did it hold up well? 

DO DRESSERS REALLY MAKE GOOD BATHROOM VANITIES? I can confidently say after using this dresser for 7 years, I love having a dresser vanity. -there is tons of storage -it has a unique look As long as you choose the right piece. 

HOW HAS YOUR DRESSER VANITY HELD UP? THE GOOD The plumbing, sink, and faucet have held up perfectly. The dresser top has held up extremely well.


THE BAD There has been some damage to the wood and paint over the years. But this dresser has been heavily used by our family for seven years.

The paint has chipped in several places where the drawers slide. Also, the paint chipped quite a bit around the legs. There were also two sections where chunks of wood from the bottom drawer are missing.


The lower drawer broke at some point when I had emptied the dresser. The missing chunks of wood are disappointing, but I don’t think they are related to the  antique dresser.

THE CONCLUSION In some ways this vanity has held up really well,  but the excessive paint chipping is an issue. If you want a bathroom vanity for the next 20 yrs, a dresser vanity might not be for you.

HOW TO WATERPROOF WOOD FURNITURE FOR A  BATHROOM When painting a piece of wood furniture for a bathroom, the best practice is to paint all exposed wood. This will keep moisture from causing damage.

WHAT IS THE BEST PAINT AND SEALER FOR A BATHROOM VANITY? I have done quite a bit or research and these are the paints I recommend: -Benjamin Moore Advance -Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel -General Finishes Milk Paint -General Finishes High Performance Topcoat

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