Like most online DIYers, I love to share my projects when they are shiny and brand new. But I’ve also always made it a point to share how my projects hold up over time. Let's take a look at my top 10 projects.

PAINTED SLIDING DOORS AND ALUMINUM WINDOWS, 3 YEARS LATER It was super cheap and easy to do and while the difference was subtle, it definitely gave them a more updated look.

After three years, the paint on the aluminum windows still looks perfect. The paint on the sliding glass doors also still looks amazing, but the paint along the bottom of the door track has rubbed off quite a bit. Overall, I’m really happy with how they have held up.

HERRINGBONE WOOD WALL IN BATHROOM, 3 YEARS LATER I think a lot of people are afraid to use wood in a place that gets as much moisture as a bathroom. You can use wood in a bathroom as long as it is protected from moisture using either paint or a good sealer.

I installed the herringbone wall in my bathroom using just finishing nails so that it can easily be removed in the future if so desired. Even without using any glue, the wood is still in perfect condition with no warping or bowing three years later!

STENCILED PORCH FLOOR, 4 YEARS LATER When we first moved into this house, the screened-in porch had a huge Astroturf rug covering the floor. We were left with an ugly plywood floor. I turned to my favorite cheap and easy solution – paint.

HOW THEY’VE LASTED OVERALL There is a bit of wear and tear evident on the porch floor. There are a few places where the paint has been rubbed or scraped off, probably from moving furniture around or from my kids riding their scooters in here.

STENCILED KITCHEN BACKSPLASH, 4 YEARS LATER It’s been four years since I painted and stenciled our kitchen backsplash. I love the look of it. It has the personality of a statement tile backsplash for way cheaper.

If you get very close, you can definitely see some small imperfections in the painted design. They aren’t noticeable unless you are really studying the backsplash. Most of the backsplash looks exactly the same as it did when I finished painting it four years ago!

BUILT IN IKEA BILLY BOOKCASES, 5 YEARS LATER The built-in bookcases in our living room were the first big built-in project I ever tackled. I decided to use IKEA Billy bookcases as the foundation of my built-ins. They add so much character and personality to the room.

They have held up really well. With the shelves empty, you can see a few small areas that could use a paint touch-up, but overall it still looks great. If I were doing this over, I would use some thin wood lattice to create a wainscoting look along the top of the bookcase. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing!

DIY CLOSET ORGANIZER, 6 AND 2.5 YEARS LATER Two of the most popular projects I’ve ever shared are the inexpensive DIY closet organizers I built in our small bedroom closets. These closet organizers made such a huge difference.

Now that a few years have passed, I’ve been super happy with how well these closet organizers are holding up, especially considering one of them has been used by three small boys for the past six years. The primary closet basically looks as good as new.

PAINTED BRICK FIREPLACE, 7 YEARS LATER It’s been seven years since I painted our brick fireplace blue and I love it just as much now as I did the very first day.

The paint on our brick fireplace does chip from time to time when a stray toy or firewood log hits it. I also noticed several chips where our firewood holder had been sitting when I moved it while packing. If we ever have a brick fireplace again in the future, I would 100% consider painting it again.

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