Shop yard sales like a pro

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I am absolutely thrilled that yard sale season is here once again!

Now I realize there are probably plenty of you reading this who think it is ridiculous to be so excited about strolling around strangers’ lawns looking for treasures amongst their used junk. Somehow, auctions and thrift stores seem to be somewhat more dignified. But for me yard sales are the best.  They are where I find the most unique stuff at the cheapest prices and I love them.

In honor of my love and devotion to yard sales, I have decided to launch a new series here at Lovely Etc.

shop yard sales like a pro

To help kick off the series, I thought I would show some evidence of why it is I love yard sales so much.  These are some of my favorite yard sale finds from last summer.  And I’m even going to let you in on some of the unbelievable prices I paid to show you just how awesome yard sales can be.

Vintage Wardrobe Trunk $30
A bucket full of old glass doorknobs $10
Huge retro globe $16
Round kitchen table $5
7 folding chairs from an old choir loft $2 each
I am thinking about using these in our dining room but I’m just not sure how practical they would be.
I can’t wait to start searching out a whole new season of amazing super-cheap stuff.
Stay tuned for lots of great tips including how to find the best sales, what to look for, how to bargain, and how to see the potential in almost anything.
How do you feel about yard sales?  Love them, hate them?  Does the mere thought make you want to break out the hand sanitizer?
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  1. says

    We don’t really have yard sales over in England, but we have car boot (trunk) sales. Basically people load up their cars with their junk to sell and then drive to the car boot sale. It’s my favourite place to find bargains and there are hundreds of ‘stalls’ to look around. You should pop over and I’ll take you to one!

  2. says

    Can’t wait to see what advice you share. Haven’t shopped garage sales in ages. Considering all the treasures I find at my local thrift stores I am sure the yard sales would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your secrets.

  3. Elizabeth says

    I, too, love yard sales and they are the best place to find the best bargains…I enjoy haggling, also especially if the price is a little more, or just to see if I can get it for less. Most sellers will let you have any item for less, especially if they have packed their stuff up and taken it to another location to “yard sell” it. We live in a small town and when our Rescue Squad holds their annual Strawberry Festival, lots of people hold yard sales, even if they have to transport their stuff, due to the increased traffic. Just remember, carry your hand sanitizer. Cause you never know what you might be handling!

  4. says

    I am amazed at how little the stuff cost over there. In my neck of the woods a kitchen table like your round one will not cost less then $150. We don’t have yard sales in South Africa. People sell their unwanted goods on websites like Gumtree and you will not find anything real cheap.

    Hope you find some more amazing stuff!


  5. says

    Amanda from “House Revivals” sent me over. I’m a garage sale junkie, and she’s trying to teach me about making my posts “pinnable” and pointed this out as a perfect example.
    Those are some great finds! My Best and I spent five summers in a row as professional gs shoppers. OMG we did well. Then she adopted another child and we’ve been on hold ever since.
    Before I leave, I must share three of my proudest moments.

    1) Inlaid cherry wood (then polished and covered in some completely indestructible coating that has withstood spills I’d rather not admit to) coffee table and matching end table to EXACTLY match the tone and mood of my “pretty room” (they boys nicknamed it that when they were 8 and 6 – “no toys in mom’s pretty room”) AND the antique love seats from my beloved grandmother. $40 for both. Immaculate condition. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you walk away, other times you just quietly pay what they ask and hope you’re driving away before they realize you just stole from them.

    2) Hubby wears 36×32. Seven pairs of brand new khakis, labels still on, various brands, 25 cents each.

    3) Craftsman table saw, used at most twice, $10. “Ok, I’ll take ten. It doesn’t fit in the garage and I don’t use it and the wife won’t let me put it back in.” Not that it would fit in my garage either, but The Engineer was sure eager to make room ;-)

    Thanks for the “pinnable lesson” and nice to meet another kindred spirit. I’ll be back to read your other posts in the series. Nice to meet you!

    Tina @ Life is Good

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