A little furniture jewelry

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Today I have a super simple furniture redo to share.  This little nightstand used to be in our bedroom before I made the 2 skinny nightstands.

It has a super cute little shape but the finish was very waxy and flaky.  I sanded it down and primed it and then painted it Valspar’s cooled lava (one of my current favorite colors).  My favorite part of this nightstand though is the hardware.  As I mentioned last week, there are not a plethora of cute hardware stores where I live.  So I got creative.

I picked up a huge pair of earrings at an estate sale last year with the intention of making them into shoe clips.  Instead I cut off the metal post from one of the earrings and attached it to a plain drawer pull with epoxy glue.  It is absolutely perfect on this nightstand.

Now I have my eye out for the perfect piece to use the other earring on.  Incidentally, this piece was one of the very first things to sell from my little booth.

I haven’t been blogging very long but so far it has been a real joy for me.  I just wanted everyone who reads Lovely etc.  to know how much I appreciate every reader, follower, subscriber, and commenter.  It is always so great to get feedback about things I’ve created or found.  And it is especially great to get feedback from so many other creative people – so I am sending each of you a big fat thank you!

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