Fresh finds: vintage jackpot

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So I knew this was going to be a great yard-saling weekend when I found a bunch of awesome stuff at a yard sale Friday Afternoon.  Definitely not prime yard sale time – it had to be a good omen.  Lots of awesome vintagey stuff this week – plus some random cubbies.

An old metal globe for my collection, an awesome antique level, and the wood casing from an old radio.  All of the radio bits are gone and the inside is hollow.  I am thinking this could make a cool little cabinet.  (It’s hard to tell but the radio is about a foot and a half tall.)
Three of these cool little folding chairs.
Don’t hate me but this whole basket of vintage door knobs was only ten dollars.  Woohoo!
I have been really wanting some of these and I finally found some cheap ones!  Now, to figure out what to do with them.  (How funny that one set of numbers is upside down).  I also picked up several great frames, old mirrors, and vintage books (including a copy of Miracle on 34th Street from the 1940s).
And finally, the random cubbies.  One of the sales we hit was at a church that was closing their preschool.  They had a bunch of these sets of cubbies.  The lady told me they were ten dollars.  I think these would be really sweet to organize dress up clothes in a playroom. But since I have no kids and no playroom I told her that I was trying to cut back on buying stuff that I like but have no use for.  She looked at me and said, “Okay, five dollars.”  So unsupportive to my efforts.  I had no choice but to buy them. (Right?) At that price, I figured I could use them to organize my basement if I can’t think of anything else.  Later, I realized I could have bought a bunch of them, turned them on their sides and had the wall to wall bookshelves I really want.  Oh well – next time.
What do you think?  Would you have bought the cubbies? The other stuff?  What’s your favorite find lately?
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    I’d have bought the cubbies if I had small children at home, but with a bit of paint, you could really liven these up and sell them for much more than $5. I say it was a great purchase on your part. :-))

  2. says

    Absolutely a jackpot day for you. I would have purchased all except the chairs. Don’t need any more chairs. I am jealous of the doorknobs. I never see glass ones. Can’t believe you got them for $10. The cubbied are great and I love your idea of turning them on their side for bookcases. have you thought of going back to see if there were any left?
    Karen G @ It’s Still Life

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    Jackpot for sure. I love the doorknobs even though I wouldn’t have any idea what to do with them. Oh, and the mailbox covers as well. The cubbies were a great buy. You just have to figure out the perfect use for them.

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    I have absolutely no room for those cubbies, but I would have bought them anyway. My daughters are just starting their families and would LOVE to have them for their kids rooms! And only $5!!!!

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    Oh yea, I would have bought them first and figured out what to do later. (that’s how I get into trouble)
    Love all your finds, I have the same metal globe you bought!
    And I’m seriously trying not to hate you for that vintage knob score. ;)
    Stopping by from Junker Newbies party.

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    The cubbies are cute! I’d paint them to match my daughter’s room, turn them on their end, secure them against the back of her closet wall and use it as clothing and shoe storage…

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