• What Would You Do? A Door Situation
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  • Fall Decor: Silver Leaf Acorns
  • DIY Wire Basket
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Why we Banished our TV…

  Last week I came home from work and the TV was missing from above the fireplace.  I knew nobody had stolen it because in its place I found this sweet little vignette:   That morning I had gotten upset with my husband.  We’ve been working opposite work schedules lately and I was getting really frustrated that the little time we were both home together, it still didn’t seem like we were really spending time together.  And I’m a quality time girl so spending time together … [Read More...]

accordian door feature

What Would You Do? A Door Situation…

You know those ugly places in your home that just seem to disappear after awhile? They are still there – you just stop seeing them. We have a LOT of those in our old ranch.  When we first moved in, I could not deal with the ugly.  And everything that could be taken care of easily was out of there within a week.  The swinging doors in the bathroom – gone.  The “stained glass” light fixture in the dining room – out of there.  The huge stainless steel smoke detectors – done. But the stuff … [Read More...]

$100 Target - Bridge

DIY Onesies and $100 Target Giveaway…

Alright lovelies, before we get to the amazing Target Giveaway, I have to let you know I am sharing some super adorable stenciled onesies over at Domestic Superhero.   I’m pretty sure onesies may just be one of the most fun things to make ever – there are just so many adorable possibilities. And because I appreciate you each so much, I have another fabulous giveaway for you today.  I mean seriously, who couldn’t spend $100 at Target in less than five minutes?  And when you … [Read More...]


Fall Decor: Silver Leaf Acorns…

  I have never decorated my house for fall before.  Never.  Okay, one time we carved a pumpkin…which then sat on our front porch until it rotted.  But other than that, nothing. I’ve never been a big fan of redecorating for every holiday and season change – too much money, too much stuff to store, too much hassle. But I really enjoyed adding a touch of spring to our home this year, so I’ve decided to go for a bit of fall décor as well.  But with conditions – it needs to be super … [Read More...]

lampshade basket

DIY Wire Basket…

It’s time for some more repurposed goodness! I’ve got a thing for metal baskets.  I can’t explain it, I just love them.  They add the perfect hint of industrial style and you can pretty much never have too many baskets. So when I was looking for something in the basement and spotted this old metal lampshade frame, I had a moment of inspiration. DIY wire basket coming up! This lampshade originally came with a vintage lamp I picked up at the Goodwill.  The lamp got a quick makeover … [Read More...]


Chalkboard Menu Planner…

Confession: Lately I have been feeling incredibly disorganized.  Mail is piled up everywhere.  Random receipts are overflowing from my purse.  Every morning before work I am struggling to find something to wear that both matches and fits.  And every evening I am wracking my brain trying to figure out what in the world I am going to make for dinner. My house feels cluttered, my mind feels cluttered, and I’m sure there are important details slipping through the cracks everyday. It has got to … [Read More...]