• A DIY Project that Changed Our Lives
  • DIY Arrow Bookends
  • Painted Plywood Subfloor Update: Three Years Later
  • The easiest way to heavily distress furniture
  • Thrift Store Dress Turned Home Decor
  • The Summer of Family Adventures

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diy pop art feature

DIY pop art using your own photos…

One of my favorite types of art to display are big, happy family photos. There is nothing like seeing your favorite memories splashed throughout your house and I love to dream up new, creative ways to display photos as art. When I started working on art for Griffin’s Little Explorer bedroom, I knew I wanted to add some photos of him on his own outdoor adventures.  But I wanted to try something new - so I chose a few adventure photos and turned them into graphic DIY pop art using PicMonkey. … [Read More...]

chandy featured

A DIY Project that Changed Our Lives…

DIY and home improvement.  Let’s be honest – it’s usually about making things pretty and beautiful and updated.  Which clearly I love to do. And in a way all those stylish changes do make a difference – I love to look around our home and see the beautiful, personalized touches everywhere.  But all of those things do not actually change our lives.  Usually. This time, though, is different. Something momentous has just taken place at our house.  (Nope, no baby yet.)  Something else … [Read More...]


DIY Arrow Bookends…

    Every now and then I get a brilliant idea out of nowhere for something I just have to create; these DIY arrow bookends were one of those lightning bolt ideas.  They may not be life changing or anything, but seriously, look how awesome they turned out! These bookends manage to be both fun and elegant at the same time and I love, love, love how they look as though the arrow was shot right through the books.  (Yep, that is definitely my inner dork shining through.  And … [Read More...]

floor update featured

Painted Plywood Subfloor Update: Three Years Later…

It is hard to believe it has already been three years since I painted the plywood subfloors in our living and dining rooms.  My painted floors are by far one of the most worthwhile projects I’ve tackled in our house and are still one of the projects I get asked about the most often.  Now that we have lived with them for several years, it seemed like the perfect time for an update on how they have lasted. Not only that, this will also be the final floor update, because we are actually … [Read More...]

wet sanding featured

The easiest way to heavily distress furniture…

I love a great piece painted furniture with the perfect distressed finish.  I love the texture, the character, and the fact that you really don’t have to worry about messing up a piece of furniture that is supposed to look roughed up anyway.  And I’d have to say this is definitely the easiest way to distress a piece of furniture that I have ever tried.   This dresser makeover has been more than three years in the making.  Not because it was such a difficult, time-consuming … [Read More...]


Thrift Store Dress Turned Home Decor…

One of my favorite places to find beautiful designer fabrics is thrift stores. No, my local Goodwill doesn’t stock bolts of designer home décor fabric – but they do have racks and racks of shirts, skirts, and dresses.  And while there are plenty of awful 80s prom dresses, there are also quite a few other pieces in really gorgeous fabrics just waiting for new life. When you are searching for fabric to make some new pillow covers instead of an outfit for the weekend, you don’t even have to … [Read More...]