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What I am loving…

Wow, this month was fast! In honor of the last day of the month, I’m back to share what I'm loving this month. Faux vintage steel This faux steel cabinet is really just a plain old Ikea cabinet in disguise.  Hard to believe how real it looks!  Plus there is an awesome tutorial at Simplicity in the South explaining exactly how to get the same look yourself. Will definitely be giving this a try this month.   Out of the box decorating I’m not a big fan of store bought art.  The … [Read More...]


Freshly picked vintage finds…

As I shared a few weeks ago, I would love to get a new sofa for our family room.  I found a few gorgeous options at a great price but I’m still not quite ready to drop seven or eight hundred bucks on a new piece of furniture just because I’m tired of the old one.  (I’m not saying I won’t give in and buy one eventually, but for now I’m holding strong!) So no new couch.  But, I do have a plan for reclaiming our family room.  I’m not quite ready to share it just yet.  But I can tell you it all … [Read More...]


Adorable Stenciled Onesies…

As soon as my college roommate Hannah told me she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to make her some DIY onesies. It is one of those projects that just looks like so much fun and I never had the time to make any for my own sweet boy. Plus there is a certain holiday coming up – I refuse to name it seeing as it is still more than two months away and needs to patiently wait its turn instead of taking over Halloween and Thanksgiving.  But anyway, when this unnamed holiday does arrive, these would … [Read More...]


10 Gorgeous Inexpensive Sofas…

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not exactly in love with our current sofa.  (That may be a bit of an understatement).  And while, yes, it is serving our needs just fine, I have to admit I definitely dream about replacing it sometime soon. We bought our current microfiber couch and loveseat from Big Lots six years ago – at only $750 for the set.  At the time everyone was talking about how wonderful microfiber was because it cleans up so easily.  Well that turned out to be a big lie! In any case … [Read More...]


Fall Cash Giveaway…

Alright lovely readers, I am back today with another fantastic giveaway!  I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to win some cash – especially with Christmas rapidly approaching.  (As one friend likes to point out – only 10 more weekends until Christmas!) For those who are hanging around here looking for some great craft ideas and inspiring DIY projects, don’t worry.  I know there hasn’t been as much of that going on the past couple of weeks – my creative brain needed a little R and R.  But … [Read More...]

all things fall yall

All Things Fall Blog Hop and Giveaway…

Hello lovely readers!  Welcome to the All Things Fall Y'all Blog Hop & Giveaway!  I have another absolutely fabulous giveaway for you today with more than $1000 dollars in prizes and four lucky winners. But even better than that, I also get to share with you the favorite fall DIYs, crafts, recipes, and décor of more than seventy of the absolute best creative bloggers out there.   THE ALL THINGS FALL Y'ALL BLOG HOP & GIVEAWAY IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY Kenarry: Ideas for the … [Read More...]