• Beautiful and Meaningful DIY Map Art
  • 3 Secrets for Keeping a Clean House When You Hate Cleaning
  • DIY Master Bedroom: Sources, Tutorials, and Budget
  • DIY Wrapped Photo Canvas with Real Canvas Texture
  • DIY Abstract Watercolor Pillows
  • Master Bedroom Reveal: Full of Personality and DIY Projects

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Declutter Like a Pro: Is Your Furniture the…

I am determined that this time my decluttering is going to make a real difference in the way we live in our home.  I'm not just going to cart off a few boxes of stuff to the thrift store and call it a day.  I want to spend less time moving, organizing, and maintaining stuff that we really don't need - which means a lot of things needs to go.  And not just any stuff, the right stuff.  The stuff we really don't need, use, or love (even though we thought we did).  And since I want things different … [Read More...]


Beautiful and Meaningful DIY Map Art…

I adore maps and I think DIY map art is a beautiful, meaningful way to decorate any room in your home. Maps remind us of the places we call home, the places that make us who we are.  They remind us of the breathtaking places we have been and the amazing places we have yet to discover.  They can symbolize adventure, patriotism, or simply home.  They are beautiful and graphic. And they’re really just a bunch of shapes which makes them the perfect candidate for a DIY project.  I am planning … [Read More...]

3 steps to a clean house feature

3 Secrets for Keeping a Clean House When You Hate…

I love having a clean, tidy home…but I hate spending time cleaning.  Of course, the perfect solution would be a full-time housekeeper.  But since that will never be in the budget, I’ve had to get creative to figure out another answer.  And I’m happy to be able to share a few secrets I’ve learned for keeping things clean without spending all my time cleaning. In the past whenever I got really busy, I would just not worry about cleaning until things slowed down and then spend a whole day … [Read More...]


DIY Master Bedroom: Sources, Tutorials, and Budget…

I recently shared our new and improved master bedroom full of DIY projects and thrifty finds.  Today I’m back with all the little details you could want to know – links to DIY tutorials, sources for bedding and fabric, and best of all, I’m even sharing the full budget breakdown for this room. Enjoy! When calculating the cost of DIY projects, I did not include the cost of paint or other materials that I already owned.  I did include the cost of any materials bought specifically for that … [Read More...]


DIY Wrapped Photo Canvas with Real Canvas Texture…

Last year I shared my DIY photo canvases that look exactly like the expensive ones you can buy.  That is still one of my favorite money-saving DIY projects and I recently made another larger photo canvas for our master bedroom makeover.  In the process I learned a few new tips and tricks for getting that perfect finished project and I definitely had to share them. The original photo canvases I shared. I love the look of photo canvases – there is just something about them that elevates a great … [Read More...]


DIY Abstract Watercolor Pillows…

If you saw my master bedroom reveal from a few days ago, you may have noticed the gorgeous abstract pillows on the bed.  (And if you didn't see it, you totally need to go see it right now because I am ridiculously proud of that room!)  DIYing beautiful abstract paintings is really hot right now so I decided I wanted to get in on it...but with a twist.  Instead of painting a nice canvas to hang on the wall, I painted some pillow covers to glam up our bed. (I shared this tutorial at … [Read More...]