• Road Trip with a Toddler: A Survival Guide
  • Simple seashell shadowbox
  • Chalkboard Wall with a Twist
  • Summer giveaway: $650 PayPal cash
  • Make a statement with GIANT subway art
  • Major Crafting Fail: Inkblot Pillows

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Yard Sale Like a Pro: How to Find the Best Deals…

Yard sale shopping is an art.  Or perhaps it is better described as a competitive sport.  Because you can bet when I pull up to a loaded yard and see someone else getting out of their car, I start power walking.  If I don’t get there first, they will buy absolutely everything I ever wanted at the cheapest prices in the history of yard sales ever and I will have nothing! Ok, maybe not – but it sure feels like it in that moment!  I used to be a bit fanatical about yard-saleing.  I was out … [Read More...]

road trip long

Road Trip with a Toddler: A Survival Guide…

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV” We did it!  We drove over 2,000 miles in 8 days with our 20 month old Griffin.  And not only did we live to tell the tale, we had a blast. All of us.  Even the tiny boy trapped in his carseat! Without using an ipad, portable DVD player, or any other electronics.  Seriously – little man didn’t … [Read More...]


Simple seashell shadowbox…

I’m at it again – crafting away with my seashell collection. The danger with seashell crafts is it is so easy to go too far.  The more simple the project, the less likely it is to end up looking like tacky décor from a 1980s beach condo. This project = so simple I almost feel silly sharing a tutorial. Except that I do have some tips to make it turn out gorgeous and effortless.  (Because we all know most effortless things – from hair to makeup to décor – actually require a bit of … [Read More...]

chalkboard wall

Chalkboard Wall with a Twist…

I am so excited to have Sarah from the blog An Inviting Home here to share with you all today.  On her blog, Sarah shares real, down to earth thoughts about decorating, organizing, and parenting that make everything seem so approachable.  And she has created a really beautiful home on a tight budget (see why I like her?).  Not to mention she shares amazing tips like this one that totally changed my laundry routine.  I know you are going to love her!   Hi everyone! My name is … [Read More...]

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Summer giveaway: $650 PayPal cash…

Hey friends!  I am on the road this week enjoying an amazing vacation with my little family. We've already hit Charleston, SC and Cumberland Island, GA and we're heading to Florida now. So far so good even though we have definitely had our share of tantrums. Not from me, I promise! But seriously, who can stay mad at this sweet face. Since I am enjoying a wonderful vacation, I figured it was a great time for a giveaway!  I have joined with some fantastic bloggers to give away $650 PayPal … [Read More...]


Make a statement with GIANT subway art…

I’ve gotten quite a few questions recently about the GIANT subway art in our family room.  I realized that I never explained how I made it even though it has shown up in lots of pictures around here. I like to call this my wise old sayings sign.  The words are a collection of old sayings that really resonate with me.  It says: “All that glitters is not gold. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. A trouble shared is a trouble halved.  Laughter is the best medicine. A grudge is a … [Read More...]