• 14 Gorgeous Spring Home Tours You Do Not Want to Miss
  • What would you do with…an empty globe stand
  • Bring on Spring! Spring Home Tour
  • Fresh, Simple and Free Spring Mantel
  • Guess what you can make from an old book and some rulers
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Easy and inexpensive DIY orb chandelier…

I am so excited to share my first DIY light fixture with you all today!  I am even more excited that this amazing light fixture cost less than $20 and took less than an hour to put together.  Now that is what I call DIY at its finest! Particularly since it is pretty darn similar to some much more expensive versions. The new plank wall went a long way toward saving our foyer from being the ugliest room in our house.  But as you well know, decorating often leads to a bit of a domino … [Read More...]


14 Gorgeous Spring Home Tours You Do Not Want to…

Guys, I was seriously blown away by the beautiful homes shared in the Spring Parade of Homes.  So much so that I wanted to make sure you all didn’t miss out on any of the gorgeous homes shared.  They are all so different and I love how each home shows it’s own unique personality.  (Because in case you never noticed, homes totally have personalities.)  So be sure to check them out! Thrifty and Chic Making Home Base The Happy Housie House by Hoff The Blissful … [Read More...]

globe stand light 2

What would you do with…an empty globe stand…

So as you probably know, I have a major thing for repurposing.  Major.  And I hate to see something with the potential to be awesome just sitting around, going to waste. Last month I repurposed some vintage globes I had been collecting (i.e. hoarding) into hanging globes for my son’s nursery. The project was the perfect touch for his nursery.  But it left me with three empty globe stands. The first one was a really cool wood and metal stand that I turned into a paper towel … [Read More...]

spring home tour

Bring on Spring! Spring Home Tour…

You know how back in the day women used to get their colors done and talk about what season they are?  As in, “I’m an autumn; I look best in jewel tones.”  (For all I know, ladies still do this and I am just completely out of it).  Anyway, my house is definitely a spring/summer house.  I love, love, love blues and greens and light, happy décor.  So springifying my house really doesn’t take much.  Like me, it has been impatiently waiting for spring to come all winter long! I am super … [Read More...]


Fresh, Simple and Free Spring Mantel…

As I’ve shared before, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about seasonal decorating.  It just seems like a lot of time and effort to put into something that is only going to last a few weeks.  (Or more likely, is going to linger way past the appropriate season and lead to “I still haven’t taken down those snowflakes in April” guilt.) But all of that just might be changing. Because when my college roomie Hannah was visiting this past weekend, she helped me put together a spring mantel for the … [Read More...]


Guess what you can make from an old book and some…

It’s that time again – time to Repurpose, Recycle and Reuse!   Today’s project started with a bit of browsing in the magical place known as the Target Dollar Spot.  As usual there was all kinds of cuteness, but there was one thing in particular that mysteriously jumped right off the shelf and into my cart – these adorable aqua rulers.  (Btw, I just bought these this past weekend so there is a good chance you can still score your own).   Three of these babies came … [Read More...]