• Plans for G’s Big Boy Room
  • 10 ways to make a major statement on your walls
  • Four Decorating Rules I Love to Break
  • Is Simple Living Really Worth It?
  • The Dollar Store Goes Vintage
  • Four Tips For Better Photos

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Is decluttering worth the effort?…

Here’s the thing about clutter.  It seems like no matter how much clutter I get rid of, it is never enough. Case in point, we have an awesome spare closet in our family room – perfect for storing all the random stuff that doesn’t have an obvious home.  Soon after the New Year, I had the decluttering bug and cleaned out the closet.  I cleaned out a couple of boxes full of stuff to donate and felt really good about it.  Until less than a month later, I needed to make some more space in that … [Read More...]

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Plans for G’s Big Boy Room…

As I shared at the beginning of the year, the plan is turn the guest room into Griffin’s big boy room and use his nursery (with a few tweaks and updates) for the new baby.  And since I am already almost halfway through my pregnancy, I’d say it is high time to get crackin on that big boy room! This is how the guest room looks currently: Quite pretty if a bit bland.  The white walls and light blue ceiling will definitely be staying.  But that gorgeous antique bed was a roadside find … [Read More...]


10 ways to make a major statement on your walls…

I’ve come to realize that nothing can make a bigger splash in a room than great art. And nothing can kill a room design faster than a little tiny frame hanging all alone in the middle of a great big wall. Although a close second would be a nice generic ‘home décor’ print from a big box store.  The kind that goes with the colors in your room but can also be found in hotels and waiting rooms across the country.  And is more or less instantly forgettable.  Yeah, not great. The art you hang … [Read More...]

4 decorating rules worth breaking

Four Decorating Rules I Love to Break…

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by HP.  But as always, it is 100% my own opinion and something I totally stand behind.  In general I am a total rule-follower. Some might call me a goody two shoes.  (Although I’d probably call those people jerks so I guess we’re even).  I always try to do the right thing.  And I hate being late, missing deadlines or feeling incompetent in general. But even this goody two shoes knows there are times the rules are meant to be broken.  And sometimes … [Read More...]


Is Simple Living Really Worth It?…

I’ve been thinking a lot about simple living lately. To be perfectly honest, between morning sickness and a never-ending sinus infection, I have had zero energy for DIY lately so I’ve had some free time to contemplate a few other things.   There are a few things about this simple living craze that I’m just not so sure about. I mean, I get the whole desire to live more simply.  I have that same desire. When I look around at the way most of us live our lives, I know I want … [Read More...]


The Dollar Store Goes Vintage…

I have a project to share today that I am pretty excited about.  This is one of those quick and super inexpensive projects but it can definitely make an impact. I don't know about you, but I am always on the lookout for stylish storage baskets and bins to help keep things organized.  My absolute favorites are old crates, boxes, and baskets but those can get expensive and are often hard to find.  So I set out on a mission to turn some plastic storage bins from the Dollar Store into … [Read More...]