A moment of contemplation

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I love, love, love finding beauty in crusty junk and old cast-offs.  And I love figuring out how to make a beautiful home for not much money and sharing it all with you.

But every now and then you want to go a little deeper. Today I want to share a few posts I’ve read on other blogs that really made me think.  And touched my soul.  And reminded me to stop for a minute and really think about why I live the way I live and make the choices I make.

  • Before We Go Any Further, There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet by kp spaces.

I was going to say a little something about each link…but everything I wrote just seemed to cheapen these amazing posts.  So I decided to forget the editorializing and just let you see what they are all about for yourself.

Enjoy your weekend.  I’ll be toiling away on the nursery…and loving every minute.  Mostly.

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