Handpainted Bakery sign

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Lately I’ve had a real thing for painting signs.  There is just something I really love about them – the vintage feel, the texture of the wood, the thousands of things they can say.

bakery sign

My latest creation is this classy bakery sign.  Love the stormy gray color, fancy font, and distressed paint.

bakery sign detail

I used the same basic techniques as my vintage style I’ll Fly Away sign.  Even so, I think the two signs have completely different feels.  It just goes to show what a difference color and font can make.

handmade bakery sign

I actually have the perfect spot for this sign above one of the windows in my kitchen.  But because the rest of my kitchen is (still) such a mess of brown and beige, it really isn’t ready to handle such a gorgeous sign.  So this one is for sale at my shop.  I will just have to make another for myself when I get my kitchen properly de-beiged.

What about you – are you a sign lover too?  If you could have any sign what would it say?

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