Giant Wooden Arrow Growth Chart

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oversized wooden arrow growth chart

I am so excited to share with you Griffin’s new giant wooden arrow growth chart!

I have been wanting to make a DIY growth chart for Griffin for awhile now.   But I didn’t want anything cutesy or childish; I wanted something grown-up enough to display in the family room.  I want this to be something our family will have around for a long time – to keep track of future children too, even grandchildren – so it needed to be something classic.  Nothing too trendy that I would want to hide away the next time I redecorate.  But I also wanted it to have some personality.


I started with a 1’x 8’ shelf board.  (These cost about $15).  I drew my arrow shape onto the board using a pencil and a straight edge and then cut it out with my trusty jigsaw and sanded the rough edges.

Word to the wise: Before you go any further, lean you arrow against the wall in a corner so you can tell if it is standing straight.  If it is a bit crooked, you can just trim one of your arrow ‘tails’ until it straightens out.  (Yep, my arrow started out totally crooked but was easily fixed.)


getting perfect weathered finish with paint

It turns out painting the perfect weathered finish is really simple.  Paint the entire arrow with one coat of the white paint of your choice and let it dry.  Lightly sand the arrow with 100 grit sandpaper to expose some of the raw wood and grain.  Then use a clean rag to wipe on a coat of dark stain.  Pour a little mineral spirits onto another clean cloth and wipe the excess stain off of the painted finish.  This will leave you with a perfectly weathered finish.

how to acheive weathered finish

I decided to go really subtle with the growth chart numbers.

gather supplies for arrow growth chart

I chose to only mark my arrow at each foot mark, so I used a tape measure and a pencil to mark where each number should go.


I printed an outline of the numbers I wanted to use.  I cut out each number and used a white oil based Sharpie paint pen I picked up at Michaels to trace each number onto the wood.  (Be sure to look out for some upcoming special deals on Sharpie paint pens in Michaels stores on online at This made it so easy to paint on my numbers in exactly the font I wanted. I also added tic marks next to each number at the exact measurement mark.

Tracing the numbers

Once I had traced each number, I colored them in with my Sharpie paint pen.  Don’t worry about getting your coloring perfectly even; once everything is dry, just lightly sand each number with 150 grit sandpaper and it will even out nicely.

white on white growth chart

And that’s it!  I love the white on white numbers.  You can see the numbers perfectly but they aren’t all in your face. I’m going to be using my Sharpie paint pen to mark each new height on here too.

oversized arrow growth chart


oversized arrow and gigantic sign

subtle growth chart

giant wooden arrow

I love how it turned out and can definitely be happy having this hanging around the house for years to come.

Anyone else out there thinking about attempting a DIY growth chart?  Or for that matter, I think a chunky wooden arrow like this would look pretty awesome just as wall décor even without kids around.  And please tell me that I am not the only one who is still loving arrows!

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      • Kali says

        Can you tell me was your arrow 8 feet tall once you were finished with it? What I’d the name of the stain you used?

        • Carrie says

          My arrow is a little more than six feet tall. I cut off a little of the length when I cut it into an arrow shape. My husband laughed at me for making a growth chart that is six feet tall but I said, hey what if our kids are really tall and I want to keep measuring their heights when they are teenagers! No reason to limit the possibilities! And the stain I used was dark walnut by Minwax – it is my go to stain and color.

    • Carrie says

      Thanks Lauren! I love those huge ruler ones too. I was planning to make one for the longest time until inspiration struck for an arrow growth chart!

  1. says

    This growth chart is too cute! I would’ve never thought of making something like this. It’s great!! I would love it if you linked this up to my Motivate Me Monday linky party at IT’S A ginger SNAP.
    Katie recently posted…Motivate Me Monday No. 2My Profile

    • Carrie says

      Thanks Melanie! Although the upside of vinyl is it’s a little easier to transport for sure. I’m just happy to have finished this in a fairly timely manner – who knows when the baby book will be complete!

    • Carrie says

      Thanks Ashley! I love how the numbers blend in too – they are definitely there but they aren’t in your face at all.

  2. Anna says

    This is so amazing! I’ve seen other growth charts that I like but I LOVE this one! I’m adding this to my “to do” list! :)


  3. Malinda Clay says

    I just LOVE this. So glad i “stumbled” onto your site. I will try making this for a baby gift. I also LOVE the subway art over the table. Have you ever shared this? I would love to try making it..the ‘you get more flies with honey than vinegar’ I have heard all my life.
    I am bookmarking your page.
    Have a great 4th of July.
    Malinda in Mississippi

  4. Karissa says

    Loving arrows right now. This is fabulous & I need one in my new house! I’m not the crafter and am wondering how I can get my hands on one? Do you take orders?

    • Carrie says

      Karissa, Thanks so much! I hadn’t really considered selling these but I am definitely looking into it now. My biggest question is about shipping since this is pretty large. I will look into it and get back to you.

    • Carrie says

      Amanda, I am considering making a few of these to sell. I need to look into shipping options and costs first. If I decide to sell them, I will let you know!

  5. Stacey says

    Ah! I lovvvve this! I have been wanting to make a growth chart for ages and this is absolutely perfect!! Thank you SO much for sharing!

    • Carrie says

      Thanks Shonee! That is exactly why I love it too – it works great for recording heights but for all the rest of the time, it just looks really cool. And thanks for the feature – I’ll have to be sure to stop by and check it out!

  6. Mollee says

    Do you have the dimensions? I am looking into making this, and am unsure as to where to start with the shape dimensions. Thanks!

    • Carrie says

      Mollee, I started with a board that was 8′ x 1′. The final arrow is a little more than six feet tall. The bottom (feathers) of the arrow are the entire width of the board and the skinnier (shaft) part of the arrow is five inches wide. The length of the arrow head is close to fourteen inches. Hope that helps – good luck!

  7. Jessica says

    I was hoping to may be ale to tell me what font you used for the numbers. I really love this!

    • Carrie says

      Thanks Jessica, I believe I used the font Bodoni Black (which is standard on my computer with Microsoft Word). Good luck if you decide to make one!

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